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Karate training teaches life skills that can be extremely beneficial to children of all ages both in and out of the dojo. It builds strength and confidence, improves focus and teaches discipline and self control.

UWS Kenshikai BKLYN offers traditional karate classes to children ages 3 and up. Pre Karate classes (ages 3 and 4) combine basic techniques and stretching with fun karate games and obstacle courses. In our older kids classes (ages 5-8) children work on karate techniques, katas (forms), strengthening exercises, and self defense skills.

Fall 2018 Schedule:
Pre Karate (3-4y):
Monday 3:15-4:00pm
Kids Karate (5-8y):
Monday & Thursday 4:00pm-4:45pm
783 Driggs (Loom Yoga Williamsburg)

One Class per week: $100/Month
Unlimited Classes: $150/Month
Uniform included!

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